Color Riche Extraordinaire from L’Oreal Paris

 An outstanding lip color revolution begins with the Color Riche Extraordinaire from L’Oreal Paris

A lipstick that blends plush and intense color with rich and moisturizing properties sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Dedicated to realizing every wish of its valuable audience, L’Oreal Paris ushers in a fashionable lip color revolution with the fresh and exciting, Color Riche Extraordinaire range of lipsticks.


Inspired by traditional processes used in lacquer artistry and high technology from Japan, Color Riche has been created by applying lacquer techniques in liquid lip formation that bring smoothness, color and shine in one coat. After years of research, L’Oréal Paris combined the art of make-up with latest formulas, finally achieving the impossible alchemy of oils and intense pigments and adding a new dimension to color for extraordinary lips. Hence, for the first time, precious micro-oils infused with rich pigments catch the light and act like a magnifying glass on color and lips thereby fashioning the perfect lip surface and color from within!



Combining effectiveness with ease of application, Color Riche arrives with a state-of-the-art spatula that is intuitive, flexible to embrace lips and delivers a faultless glaze. Truly a new vision in the world of lip color, Color Riche promises indulgent care and perfection in three dimensions, namely:


  • Richer color that is more magnified than ever.
  • Lustered lip surface that is devoid of any lip creases.
  • Light is captured like never before.


With Color Riche Extraordinaire, L’Oreal Paris has created a new generation of lip color that merges a more powerful color than lipstick, more sophisticated gleam than gloss and more comfort than a balm! Lovely and luxuriant lips are just a Color Riche Extraordinaire application away!








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