Ultra-trendy, innovative and creative, the manicure with all of its colors and nail art varieties is making a statement on the fingertips of fashionistas everywhere. Adding the perfect finishing touch any outfit, it is the latest and greatest fashion accessory after the “It” bag.

Yet there once was a time when nail polish ranges only offered 20 or so shades and just one shiny top coat… This was also a time when we dreamed of decorating our nails with glitter, stickers and fun finishes…these were trying times for us style-seekers! But have no fear, our day has come: Sephora now offers new nail polish colors, as well as new products that let novices and pros alike make a statement with their fingers… AND THEIR TOES! The revolution has begun…


Three new Sephora products that deliver flawless manicures and pedicures!


Instant nail polish remover for feet

AED 52/ QAR 55/ KSA 58/ BAH 5.79/ KWT 4.5

Instant Nail Polish Remover, a Sephora cult favorite, is now available for our toes thanks to an exclusive patented system created for optimal use on toenails.

Simple, quick and practical, simply dip toes in the foam to remove nail polish. It even works on the most stubborn of shades. If we’ve dreamed of it, Sephora has created it!



Instant nail polish remover for glitter

AED 49/ QAR 49/ KSA 52/ BAH 5.2/ KWT 4

Glitter polish looks gorgeous of course, but we all know it’s a pain to take off. Usually it takes quite a bit of time to remove every last trace from each nail. This problem has now been solved thanks to Sephora’s new Instant Nail Polish Remover for Glitter. The product’s special feature: a rough-textured foam that scrubs off polish quickly and effortlessly. It also works on nail patches, tattoos and pens… We can finally give in to our wildest nail fantasies!


Instant nail & cuticule care

AED 49/ QAR 49/ KSA 52/ BAH 5.2/ KWT 4

When it comes to smart products, this new “portable spa” for nails ranks high on the list! The bottle contains a bath of happiness for nails: dip fingers into the foam, and both nails and cuticles will be pampered by this nourishing care formulated with Camellia oil. In just one minute, nails are left repaired, nourished and stronger, and the cuticles feel soft and moisturized… What more could we ask for?



Express nail polish remover wipes (2 wipes x 10)

AED 29/ QAR 29/ KSA 29/ BAH 2.9/ KWT 2.25


Express nail polish remover

AED 49/ QAR 49/ KSA 52/ BAH 5.2/ KWT 4

Express Nail Polish Remover Wipes are the perfect on-the-go accessory for nail polish lovers everywhere. They come in a double pouch so that we can remove nail polish from our fingers and toes wherever life may take us.

Finally: our magic star product Express Nail Polish Remover has been given a makeover and is now available in a new size!


The new ultra-stylish Sephora wardrobe for nails!

The Sephora nail patches have undergone a makeover. Sephora now offers an amazing range of easy-to-apply nail patches that give nails style and allow them to be coordinated with our looks and clothes.

There are three must-have looks to choose from: Ready-to-wear, couture and accessories, all of which are a perfect way to get our hands on the season’s hottest print trends!


The ready-to-wear look features trendy prints created with Nail Patch Art

Decorative nail polish stickers – 10 effects

AED 49/ QAR 52/ KSA 52/ BAH 5.2/ KWT 4


The couture look adorns nails with fine fabrics and super hot 3D looks with Nail Textiles

Fabrics nail stickers – 6 effects

AED 55/ QAR 56/ KSA 59/ BAH 5.9/ KWT 4.5



The accessory look lets us customize nails with ultra-trendy faux tattoos with Nail Accessories

Ephemeral tattoo nail stickers – 2 sheets of tattoos

AED 42/ QAR 45/ KSA 49/ BAH 4.9/ KWT 3.5



Color Hit Extensions

AED 33/ QAR 36/ KSA 36/ BAH 3.6/ KWT 3

Backed by its color expertise from the Color Hit nail polish range, Sephora is launching six new bright and tangy colors to make our summers pop with pizazz. Ride the wave of pop art from the 1960s.


Zoom on Nail Designer

AED 33/ QAR 36/ KSA 36/ BAH 3.6/ KWT 3

To add a new twist to our looks, here are four new nail designer top coats to collect and pair with nail polish shades to give nails personalized, on-trend style!

Apply a top coat over any nail polish shade to see its effect appear:

·    Fireworks: Nails explode with multi-colored glitter

·    Matte Effect: Dries to leave nail polish with a matte finish

·    “Silver Fever:” Nails go glam with silver glitter

·    Snowflakes: Nails sparkle with holographic glitter


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