Roberto Cavalli Excotica


“Color is life, joy, I can’t think in black & white”. Roberto Cavalli

To celebrate springtime, Roberto Cavalli reveals a new facet of his universe with an exclusive new fragrance, Roberto Cavalli Exotica. This limited edition is a luminous and sparkling reinterpretation of Roberto Cavalli eau de parfum. A tribute to the designer’s iconic floral print, highlighting the Italian designer’s mastery of light and colour. The fragrance was inspired by the luxuriant and tropical tints of the couturier’s creations. It could be regarded as a daring attempt to translate this visual feast into a rich and unique scent.

Wearing Roberto Cavalli Exotica is a sensuous experience, a journey that unveils a new dimension of femininity. Authentic yet sophisticated, the Roberto Cavalli Exotica woman is fully in control of her charm. She knows how to capture the attention and fascinate everyone around her. Perfectly in sync with nature, she combines the delicate beauty of the exotic flower with the feral grace of the tiger.

Like every perfume in the Roberto Cavalli signature family, Roberto Cavalli Exotica was created by Louise Turner. Born in Kent, the garden of England, she is widely regarded as one of the most talented perfumers of her generation.

For Roberto Cavalli Exotica, she designed a fruity exotic floral scent. It opens with a full and luscious note of mango that conjures up visions of faraway islands, blue skies and tropical jungles. This call of the wild naturally blends in with a sweet heart note of frangipani flower. Fresh and delicate, it adds a touch of sexiness while artfully enhancing the exoticism of the mango. A base note of sandalwood envelops the fragrance, providing depth, warmth and sensuality.

Roberto Cavalli Exotica’s bottle is reminiscent of Roberto Cavalli’s Signature perfume. Inspired by the delicate curves of a feminine silhouette, it evokes voluptuousness. Its luminous pink dress highlights the power and vibrancy of the fragrance. A majestic golden crown shaped like Roberto Cavalli’s iconic logo adorns the stopper. The ivory and grey tiger collar is reminiscent of his emblematic animal prints.

With its metallic pink shade, embossed golden monogram and white tiger print, Roberto Cavalli Exotica’s enfolding box perfectly complements this striking bottle. Uncomprisingly bright and colourful, it boldly proclaims its exotic character.

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