Swarovski Fall/Winter Collection 2014/15

Swarovski Fall/Winter Collection 2014/15

If Swarovski creations personify glamour, refinement, and innovation, it is largely due to the wealth of expertise and knowledge that the company maintains and passionately reinterprets each season. Swarovski is, after all, a master of facets and light. It is this heart of the company’s DNA that Nathalie Colin, Creative Director, has drawn upon for the inspiration behind the Fall/Winter 2014/15 collection:
“This season I really wanted to bring together art and light, which seemed only natural for a company whose crystal sets the ultimate standard in brilliance and sparkle. This new collection connects our heritage with another value of great importance to us – the desire to always reinvent and modernize.” LED effects, holograms, kaleidoscopic and moving-image inspired motifs all feature in this futuristic new collection. It plays with the refraction of light to produce easy-to-wear, everyday pieces, as well as bold designs that make a real fashion statement.


The first innovation that features in this collection is the use of different metallic effects, a fantastic opportunity for Swarovski to reinterpret the mixed metals trend. Whether precious gold, delicate rose, or stylish rhodium, metal acts as a mirror and wonderful framework for minimalist lines and crystal facets to create mesmerizing, sparkling reflections. In this spirit of urban chic, fresh ideas and classic Swarovski designs have been revisited and combined to create wonderful new harmonies.

The “Brancusi” necklace features a lightweight setting illuminated by baguette-cut crystals, while the matching bangle merges the purity of gold PVD openwork with the glamour of a statement maxi crystal at its center. The “Bonus” theme couples stainless steel and crystal links in a structured design, creating a beautiful necklace and bracelet that can be worn with a range of looks.

For the “Spiral,” “Bolt,” and “Tactic” bracelets, clean lines are given a touch of femininity with pavé crystals, fantastic pieces to mix and contrast different metals.


From the nude end of the metallic palette, we move on to highly colorful and vibrant tones. Intense bursts of color and clean, graphic lines are brought together to form sublime pieces. The “Buzz” necklace features incredible crystal embroidery pattern, applied by hand using the Pointiage® technique, with opulent crystals producing an ultra modern, sophisticated 3D effect.


Ruthenium studded with mini crystals is the key element of the “Blossom” bangle, crafted to evoke a cage-like structure embellished with crystals in shades of gray, amethyst, ruby, and emerald. More fluid, the long matching earrings are brought to life by the shimmering reflections of shifting crystals, a look completed by the “Billion” ring with its generous yet refined lines.


Featuring tiny cut crystals encapsulated in tubes of colored nylon, the “Crystal Dust” bracelet has a unique brilliance, with each of its diverse tones appearing even more vibrant than the last. Worn alone or stacked, night or day, this new wardrobe staple will add an instant style injection to any look.


Dark, mysterious, and seductive, black light permeates the last part of the Fall/Winter 2014/15 collection. The pieces have a romantic yet rock influence, with an oxidized filigree look that epitomizes Swarovski’s unparalleled crystal expertise. With its baroque design, the spectacular “Blacklight” necklace is opulently embellished. Bold, striking medallions in black faceted crystal create the appearance of rich embroidery, in a gradation of sparkling clear crystals, each applied by hand. Beautifully and meticulously crafted, the chain is adorned by exquisite crystals that impart a touch of light with their ever-changing reflections. Rock-inspired yet elegant, the “Blacklight” necklace can be used for a whole range of looks and for added versatility, the medallion also detaches to be worn as a brooch.


Bringing together the finest colors and techniques, Swarovski delivers a Fall/Winter 2014/15 collection that highlights all the radiance and resplendence of crystal. Timeless, sharp, classic – everyone will find something that matches their style, making unique combinations that reflect their personality and look.


Swarovski Fall Winter 2014/15 Facets of Light

Blossom Necklace

PRICES: AED 2755, SAR, 2880, QAR 2690, KWD 213





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