Made In Sephora and its waterproof makeup range is making a splash: with indelible eye looks and colors that really pop, it’s got everything we need to be bathing beauties all summer long!


We’re tickled pink…why shouldn’t our lips enjoy the same? To make summer a time to showcase our natural beauty, “Color Adapt” technology is being deployed from head to toe. Sephora has created new, ultra-smart products that adapt to the pH level of the skin and lips to create customized color. Emotions will be running high with coy, nymph-like rosy cheeks, a Brazilian diva or bronzed blond complexion, and glossy or moisturized lips, all with a personalized tint that’s all our own! The extra bonus: A new generation of foundation/lightweight powders with an invisible finish. Here’s to the luscious pouts and flawless complexions of Made In Sephora Summer 2014!




This summer, swimming stars and dancing queens will be spared from smudged eyeshadow and running mascara. Whether they’re hitting the dance floors or lounging around the pool, the followers of Made In Sephora mania will be accompanied in style.


Colorful eyeliner – Waterproof / 24H

AED 72/ QAR 75/ KSA 79/ BAH 7.9/KWT 5.75

Tick-tock, tick-tock… It’s midnight, yet Cinderella still looks amazing… With her eyes decked out in slamming colors, she goes about her night carefree without having to keep an eye on the clock. Sixteen stylish shades ranging from deep black to hot pink are now available in a water-resistant, 24-hour long wear formula. This color bodyguard comes in three stunning finishes (shimmer, matte and glitter).


Ombre à paupières velours – Waterproof / 16H

AED 79/ QAR 82/ KSA 82/ BAH 8.2/KWT 6.5

I glide, blend, blur, fill in and cover, and you can do whatever you want with me. Who am I? The new Velvet Cream Eyeshadow delivering flawless waterproof wear. With its silky-soft, easily buildable texture, this cream eyeshadow lets us create any eye look ranging from ultra-subtle to super-sophisticated! Available in 10 shades.

16-hour wear. * Consumer test carried out on 63 volunteers.



Full action – Waterproof

AED 95/ QAR 99/ KSA 99/ BAH 10/KWT 7.75


Outrageous volume – Waterproof

AED 105/ QAR 105/ KSA 105/ BAH 10.6/KWT 8.5

This do-it-all mascara has a proven track record… The (00)7 agent we call Full Action Mascara still delivers seven actions and now features a bonus: the new waterproof version is here to rescue bathing beauties who love to have fun in the sun. It nourishes, curls, volumizes, lengthens, separates, strengthens and protects lashes while delivering waterproof color!

For those who want outrageously volumized lashes without the panda-eye look, listen up! Outrageous Volume Mascara delivers pumped up volume and a vamp eye makeup look all while offering waterproof wear. It’s Sephora’s no. 1 product for beach glamour!



We’re going back to chemistry class, but this time we’re paying attention…We all have different pH levels, and with a helpful hand from Made In Sephora, we can use it to create ultra-natural-looking makeup that’s in tune with our complexion’s chemistry!



Color adapt blush

AED 72/ QAR 76/ KSA 79/ BAH 7.9/KWT 5.75

A rosy, girly glow or a passionate fiery aura? Discover what kind of personality is hiding within with Made In Sephora: they’ve designed a stick blush that’s easy to apply in one step and adapts to the skin’s pH to create a customized pink tint. With these fresh, sexy cheeks, we’re guaranteed to turn heads…



Color adapt bronzer

AED 85/ QAR 86/ KSA 89/ BAH 8.9/KWT 6.75

This healthy glow booster adapts to the skin’s pH to create a customized bronzed effect for any skin tone. Say good-bye to orange smears and nasty surprises! In addition to creating a natural-looking sunkissed glow, it also unifies and blurs imperfections with its micronized powder texture for easy and perfectly even application. The extra bonus: it provides flawless wear that lasts for 12 hours. In short, it’s the best friend of skin craving sun!

For kisses tinted with soft pink, hot pink or passionate magenta, there is the ever popular…

Color adapt gloss

AED 75/ QAR 79/ KSA 81/ BAH 8.1/KWT 6


Color Adapt lip balm

AED 75/ QAR 79/ KSA 81/ BAH 8.1/KWT 6.5

A magic lip balm that reveals the natural beauty of lips by enhancing them with a unique pink tint, and a color-revealing lip gloss that enhances lips with a completely bespoke slick rosy tint for a gorgeously glossy effect.



Microsmooth baked face compact

AED 95/ QAR 99/ KSA 99/ BAH 9.9/KWT 7.5

Sephora is launching a brand-new complexion formula that delivers ultra-natural-looking results. Its secret?

  • A lightweight, airy texture: With mineral pigments that are micronized and then carefully baked, it fuses with the skin and creates a barely-there make-up finish.
  • Easy to apply, this foundation/powder unifies the complexion with a transparent finish and gives it ultra-natural looking radiance.
  • This multi-purpose product may be used alone as a powder or a foundation, or under foundation as a setting powder.
  • Lightweight, buildable coverage.
  • Available in 8 shades.

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