Fresh Skin this Summer with Lush

Your Secret to Fresh Skin this Summer with Lush

Summer can take a pretty hefty toll on our bodies leaving our skin feeling seriously dehydrated and our bodies crying out for nourishment.
Luckily Lush’s ranges of all natural, handmade products are filled with the finest essential oils and honest, organic
ingredients to ensure your skin is protected and replenished this summer.
These summer essentials are filled with simple, effective ingredients that will give your skin naturally radiant results, nourishing your body so that your healthy glow will last all summer long.

British Nanny


SAR 300 / LL 121,374/ KWD 23 / BAH 31 / QAR 292 / OMR 30


A pre-sun-requisite.

Like any good nanny, this cream will shield you and protect you from harm, with SPF30 to give some protection from the sun, almond and hibiscus oils to give vitamins C and E. British Nanny has an array of lovely ingredients to moisturise and hydrate, including shea butter, almond oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, starflower oil, hibiscus seed oil and candelilla wax.




Aqua Mirabilis


SAR 71 / LL 28,800 / KWD 5 / BAH 7 / QAR 69 / OMR 7


An underwater miracle for your skin

Scrubs away dead skin and leaves you soft and silky smooth – this is perfect pre or post tanning as the cocoa butter and almond butter make sure your skin is fed and moisturised while tiny granules of ground almond shells are buffing away any dead skin. Aqua Mirabilis is your secret weapon for the smoothest shoulders.


Vanilla Dee-Lite


SAR 149 / LL 60,070 / KWD 11 / BAH 15 / QAR 145 / OMR 15


Smooth is in the heart

A lovely light, fruity lotion for when your skin need a softness boost. Combines butters, oils and kiwi to nourish and treat the skin.






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