Introducing a new lip contour pencil that combines soft texture and long-lasting properties in the same formula! A must-have product for all lipstick wearers this pencil offers a new barrier effect to prevent lipstick from feathering.

  • A melting texture for a new barrier effect

CONTOUR EDITION for the lips: a new generation pencil that provides ideal glide for easy and precise application. Its formula enriched with shea butter and grapeseed oil gives it a melting, easy to work texture!

Innovative, it forms a barrier that prevents lipstick from feathering!

  • A clever result for all make-up finishes…

With its satin effect, CONTOUR EDITION for the
lips adapts to all make-up finishes in the Bourjois Rouge Edition ranges! Specifically designed, its formula merges with lipstick to create a customised, seamless result!

  • 12 expert shades for all styles!

5 new shades to match with all the Rouge Edition lipstick ranges

+ 7 existing shades

01 Nude wave:
A nude rose.

02 Coton candy: A light and glamorous medium pink.

03 Alerte rose: NEW SHADE: An easy to wear bright pink.

04 Chaud comme la fraise: A vibrant dark pink

05 Berry much: NEW SHADE: A fruity red.

06 Tout rouge: NEW SHADE: A bright poppy red.

07 Cherry boom boom: A seductive red.

08 Corail aïe aïe: A brown with coral tones.

09 Plump it up!: A deep plum.

10 Bordeaux line: NEW SHADE: An elegant burgundy.

11 Funky brown: Soft brown: not too light not too dark.

12 Chocolate chip: NEW SHADE: A sophisticated chocolate brown.

The Bourjois asset

Which CONTOUR EDITION should I choose for my lipstick?

For guidance find all the possible matches between CONTOUR EDITION and your favourite lipstick on the Bourjois website!

The Bourjois bonus asset

Added touch

Bourjois thinks of everything! You loved the colour of your Bourjois Lip Contour? Do not worry, you can easily find it on the Contour Edition pencil: the old shades references are indicated on the label!

Lips – CONTOUR EDITION – 12 shades – 1.14 g




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