Cool Water Woman Night Dive (1) Cool Water Woman Night Dive (2)

The shimmering moonlight reflects on the ocean. The night calls to her, filled with silent promises. Yielding to its irresistible appeal, she slides through the waters. The surface ripples as she slowly emerges. He stares, enthralled, as she enfolds him. Drowning in her embrace, he succumbs to the power of her irresistible scent.

There is something magical about the ocean at night, a mesmerizing alliance of power and sensuality. And this is precisely what Davidoff managed to capture with its latest fragrance, Cool Water Woman Night Dive. If this perfume retains the aquatic influence that inspired Cool Water Woman, it adds a distinctive touch of charm and mystery, which makes it the perfect counterpoint to the new Cool Water Night Dive for Man

Cool Water Woman Night Dive perfectly reflects the water’s skin caress, its coolness and enveloping quality and the oceanic feeling conveyed by the nocturnal sea. This fresh and empowering scent calls to the most instinctive facet of a woman’s personality. It brings out a form of elementary attraction, a natural blend of grace and self-confidence.

One with the ocean, the Cool Water Night Dive woman turns into an enchantress. Benign mermaid or fascinating siren, she weaves a spell no man can resist. Enigmatic and seductive, she enthrals all that dare approach her.

Cool Water Woman Night Dive was skilfully designed by master perfumer Veronique Nyberg. A fresh and sensual woody floriental, this fragrance is based on a subtle formula, a rich and powerful blend of complementary notes.

It opens with a sparkling mandarin from Italy. Sensuous and catching, this head note grasps the attention. It is an invitation to dive further, deeper into the stirring fragrance. The alluring prelude gives way to an aromatic absolute of lentisque wood. Herbaceous and woody, it is a very distinctive note, the key signature of the whole Cool Water Night Dive line. The entrancing trail comes from an elegant combination of oriental patchouli and majestic cedar wood. These strong base notes bring amplitude, depth and a touch of mystery to this inimitable perfume.

Cool Water Night Dive’s bottle retains the emblematic shape of a water drop. This soft and feminine figure has been slightly reinterpreted to reflect the intensity of the new fragrance, artfully blending sensuality and modernity. The shaded tones are reminiscent of the moonlit ocean, from a dark blue purple to a lighter blue. The enfolding box adopts a similar blue gradient that perfectly complements the deeper shades of the masculine version.

The print ad was shot by Nathanael Goldberg, an artist renowned both for his fashion shots and for his impressive scenic photographs of natural landscapes. He captured a quintessential moment of the Cool Water Woman Night Dive’s mythology. Under a moonlit sky, the irresistible siren has risen from the depths to embrace her lover.

This iconic picture portrays the Cool Water Night Dive couple, Spanish model Christian Santamaria and the up and coming American supermodel Samantha Gradoville. Samantha is also the face of Davidoff Cool Water Woman’s new campaign. Her graceful silhouette, natural poise and mesmerizing gaze perfectly reflect the blend of confidence and seduction that characterizes the Cool Water woman.


Cool Water Woman Night Dive – 100 ML: AED 305

Cool Water Woman Night Dive – 50 ML: AED 225

Zino Davidoff Group

The Zino Davidoff Group is a Swiss-based family business that manufactures exclusive watches, writing instruments and leather goods for a sophisticated clientele in addition to prestige fragrances, eyewear, cognac and café. DAVIDOFF has committed itself to bring together the finest materials and ingredients the world has to offer. From design, inspiration and craftsmanship – the goal is to provide ultimate quality and reliability. It’s all part of the DAVIDOFF philosophy of perfection.

The Zino Davidoff Heritage

Products bearing the DAVIDOFF brand must represent the finest quality, style and positive lifestyle embraced by the company founder Zino Davidoff himself. Zino Davidoff (1906 – 1994), the cultivated, open-minded and sophisticated gentleman, the visionary businessman and the enthusiastic traveller explored the world for inspiration, always in quest for superior quality. He was an artisan of a happy life, enjoying the simple pleasures life offers and sharing them with friends. His expertise, tenacity and intuition combined with his unique personality earned him the status of a legend. Today, the DAVIDOFF brand resonates throughout the globe as one of the ultimate touchstones for exclusivity. Superior quality and authenticity make DAVIDOFF a synonym for cosmopolitan luxury.

DAVIDOFF Fragrances

The legacy of DAVIDOFF’s unique sense of quality and art de vivre is reflected in each DAVIDOFF fragrance. Since the launch of the first fragrance in 1984, the brand has become one of the most iconic fragrance brands, including one of the most successful fragrances ever:

DAVIDOFF Cool Water – the renowned male classic launched in 1988. Further fragrances include among others DAVIDOFF Cool Water Woman, DAVIDOFF Cool Water Woman Sensual Essence, DAVIDOFF Hot Water, DAVIDOFF Adventure, DAVIDOFF Champion and DAVIDOFF The Game.

For further information visit http://www.zinodavidoff.com

Zino Davidoff SA, Fribourg, Switzerland

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