Marco Serussi Adds New Exciting Perfume to its Homme Collection EXCLUSIVELY AT SEPHORA

Marco Serussi Adds New Exciting Perfume to its

Homme Collection


AED 294/ QAR 292/ KSA 299/ BAH 30/ KWT 23 (90ml)

French perfumer Zenith Parfums Paris has announced the release of a new sensational fragrance within its widely popular Marco Serussi Homme collection. Code-named “MS Blue” the new perfume will build on the wide success of the MS line that was well received by consumers all over the world.

MS Blue is a true personalization of freedom, capturing the deep blue sea color and the gorgeous soft breezy wind. The fragrance is for the man who lives his reality with passion and excitement, it’s for those who seek and achieve their dreams.

The new version of the famous men’s fragrances MS Homme is arriving as an innovative edition in a simple blue light-colored but elegant bottle. The fragrance has kept the same stunning, elegant and masculine features of the previous fragrances from MS Homme collection.

Mathilde Bijaoui a perfumer from “Mane” is the nose of MS Blue and she says “Blue is often associated with Men… the more intense it gets, the more it is associated with a charismatic and elegant man profile. For me, MS Blue represents masculine virility. So I wanted to work around this intense and deep color. I transposed it into a fougere, a typical masculine structure in perfumery, but a modern fougere with cold spices to bring a touch of freshness.


MS Blue is a way of looking at life, it is a joyful and positive fragrance. It’s a fougere aromatic fragrance with both fresh and spicy facets marked by an ambary print.

The fragrance starts with a surprising note, blending sparkling grapefruit and mandarin with spicy scents of cardamom and pink pepper pure jungle essence ™.

In the heart, lavender brings out the aromatic facet, subtly combined with jasmine, nutmeg and Incense.

The Amber woody and Musky base provides this fragrance with warmth and depth, for an incarnation of masculine modernity.



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