Sephora Formula X Nail Polishes now available at Sephora!

High quality formulas, astonishing effects

and a profusion of colors… an explosive encounter with Formula X.

Formula X, the perfect blend of innovation and creativity.

Sephora presents Formula X and its vast nail polish collection of nearly 150 bold hues and extraordinary effects. This new collection of nail polish and effects delivers shine and remarkable wear that combines elegance with creativity.

Always on the lookout for new ingredients and the latest technology from around the world, Formula X represents beauty, technology, fun and innovation. Thanks to the “Performance X Play” mantra, Formula X polishes contain the most advanced and exclusive formulas; the collection consists of a full range of intense colors and innovative effects. Formula X combines art and science to fuel the imagination for Nail Art. The colors of the Formula X range offer long lasting wear, incredible shine and a fast drying time. The multitude of metallic, glittering and neon effects transform nails in a single application.

The brush has been especially developed to complement the intensely pigmented formula, ensuring the most consistent and precise polish application possible.

FORMULA X SYSTEM KIT- AED 120 / QAR 120 / BHD 12.5 / KWD 9.5






Start with the Nail Cleanser, an essential step that removes any residue from the nails to ensure a smooth application of polish. Then apply the Base Coat, a sticky base which forms an adhesive layer helping to provide long-lasting polish. Then use the Formula X color or effect of your choice. Finish with the high-gloss finish Top Coat to protect the manicure and give it a dazzling shine.

Sold also individually: 49 AED AED / BHD 5 / QAR 49 / KWD 3.75 – 12 ml bottle



The New Classics: Price 49 AED / BHD 5 / QAR 49 / KWD 3.75 -12 ml bottle

A wide range of 55 bright and brilliant colors. Classic colors have been revisited with a modern twist, revolutionizing and expanding upon the classic range of iconic colors.

The New Neutrals:
49 AED / BHD 5 / QAR 49 / KWD 3.75 – 12 ml bottle

Discover the new generation of neutral colors with this range of 30 universal, elegant and high-shine shades. Infused with an incredible luminescent ingredient that enhances the color and overall brightness, the Formula X polishes also contain a quick drying agent that ensures a smooth and flawless finish in no time. A nude with impeccable long-wear, a highly saturated color and brilliant shine!



The Liquid Crystals: 59 AED/ BHD 6 / QAR 59 / KWD 4.5 – 12ml bottle

Incredibly bright microcrystal polishes. This fascinating palette of shades inspired by the art of stained glass will crystallize your nails! 7 Shades available:

The Brilliants:
Price: 59 AED/ BHD 6 / QAR 59 / KWD 4.5 – 12 ml bottle – 2 shades available

This multidimensional polish offers incredible sparkle, just like a disco ball. One coat is enough to make a sparkling impression with these glitter polishes.

The Celestials: 59 AED/ BHD 6 / QAR 59 / KWD 4.5 – 12ml bottle – 5 shades available

A sophisticated varnish that combines rich matte color with textured luxurious glitter. Infused with micro glitters, this polish offers great full coverage and dries matte leaving a unique textured finish in one single coat.

The Electrics: 49 AED/ BHD 5 / QAR 49 / KWD 3.75 –
12 ml
bottle – 5 shades available

Incredibly vivid polishes in fluorescent, pearlescent, electrifying and shimmering shades. Used with the specially designed Neon Base Coat for color intensification, these fluorescent polishes are available in a range of vibrant colors. Characterized by their rare pigments, these versatile polishes dry with a matte finish, but can be given high-shine with the application of The Electrics Neon Top Coat.

The Lusters: 59 AED / BHD 6 / QAR 59 / KWD 4.5 – 12 ml bottle – 5 colors available

Incredibly glittery polishes that decorate your nails in sophisticated glitter. Full of pigment and high coverage glitter, this polish renders your nails intensely seductive. The size of the glitter varies throughout the collection providing a diverse range of finishes and effects. Sophisticated shades extend from sparkling jewel tones to elegant natural tones.

The Translucents: 49 AED / BHD 5 / QAR 49 / KWD 3.75 – 12 ml bottle – 5 shades available

Transparent polishes for elegance and sophistication. Adopt the art of minimalism with chic, soft colors, inspired by the French manicure. This formula is infused with a luminescent ingredient that enhances shine, while quick drying agents leave a smooth and flawless finish in no time.

The Transformers:
59 AED / BHD 6 / QAR 59 / KWD 4.5 – 12 ml bottle – 5 Top Coats available

Transform your manicure for a unique and totally new look. This clever alternative to a traditional Top Coat transforms any nail polish with innovative textures and amazing effects.

The Xplosives: 59 AED / BHD 6 / QAR 59 / KWD 4.5 – 12 ml bottle – 5 Top Coats available

New generation graffiti nail polish that combines matte glitter in assorted shapes and sizes to create a paint splash effect. Create endless combinations with this range of pastels and bright graffiti finishes. Several coats can be applied to play with layering and express your inner artist!

The Treatments: Prices TBC – 10 Treatments available

Join the path to healthy nails. Beautify your nails from the inside out with the revitalizing and nourishing products in this ultimate nail care regimen of Formula X treatments. Whatever your need Formula X has a nail care solution in this collection of treatments.

The new range of Formula X colors and effects will be available SEPTEMBER 2014 exclusively at Sephora.

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