Vichy’s Liftactiv Advanced Filler offers record correction of all types of wrinkles!


Be it deep or vertical, Vichy’s Liftactiv Advanced Filler offers record correction of all types of wrinkles.

It is time to confidently say ‘NO’ to a sad look and an even bigger one to wrinkles, all thanks to Vichy! The pioneering brand unveils its new innovation, Liftactiv Advanced Filler that offers record correction of all types of wrinkles, even deep and vertical ones. With a paraben-free formula that suits even the most sensitive skin, Liftactiv Advanced Filler is perfect for women who really want to get rid of their wrinkles thanks to a very effective formula.


Over time, two types of wrinkles can form on the same face; on one hand we have horizontal wrinkles also known as laughter lines or crow’s feet that are often positively associated with a smiling face. On the other hand, there are vertical wrinkles which form more deeply under the contraction of certain facial muscles and/or under the effect of gravity, often appear at a later stage and lead to a negative reading of the face, a “sad look.” The dermatologically tested Liftactiv contains soothing, fortifying Vichy Thermal Spa Water (like all Vichy’s skincare products) and has been formulated with Pure Retinol 0.2% + [LR2412] 2%. The formula, that has received 27 patents, has the highest concentration of Retinol in a daily care product, providing extreme smoothing, while the [LR2412] acts as a biological injection, stimulating the hyalurosome activity for a better elasticity and firmness of the skin.


Results include reduction of wrinkle surface length and reduction of total number of wrinkles with features being completely rejuvenated and facial expressions dynamized once again! The efficacy was proven particularly on deep wrinkles such as the glabellar ones, the supralabial ones and the nasolabial fold. As if the striking results weren’t enough, Liftactiv Advanced Filler boasts of a fluid, non-greasy and non-sticky texture that is pleasant towards the skin. An ideal product to correct even the deepest wrinkles, Liftactiv can be used once every two days during the initial days. After the skin gets used to retinol, the formula can be used daily.


Laugh and glow with abandon as Vichy’s Liftactiv Advanced Filler ensures the only lines on your face will be the happy ones!



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