Eid Al Adha with Wojooh

It’s Eid – and it’s time to celebrate! Wojooh loves this time of year and is ready for the perfect Eid look this season. Touches of gold, a strong smoky eye, long lashes, the perfect shade of lipstick, and to complete the look a hand adorned in henna.

Henna has been a staple in the celebration of Eid. Centuries ago it was made at home by grinding henna leaves with water and oil to create its paste; women would apply this to their hands and feet with no consideration of design like today – where the design is the most important part!

Today Henna can be considered one of the most unique accessories – and it comes straight from our region! During the holidays us girls love to gather together and get our hands and feet covered with intricate designs to finish off our Eid look. This Eid Wojooh wants to celebrate this tradition and invite you all to pass by our stores during October 1st – 10th to try some nice design done by our favorite henna artists!

The last touch to complete our Eid look is of course the perfect fragrance – for this occasion it only seems fitting to spray on our signature Oud fragrance and maybe mix it with one of our favorite perfumes from Wojooh. Not sure what to wear? Pass by Wojooh and check out all of our favorite brands new launches and collections during the month!

This Eid Wojooh wants to celebrate all of you! Pass by our stores during the month to get all of your Eid essentials and Wojooh will gift you with a beautiful gold make up case as well as a cute miniature lip-gloss from our new private label Wow By Wojooh. A perfect shade of pink for all – the Fuchsia Garden Lipstuck Extreme Wear Lip Lacquer delivers a matte finish while still giving your lips some serious moisture! To celebrate this important occasion we want to make sure you look sparkling from head to toe.

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