LUSH Christmas 2014 soaps melts and FUN #LushChristmas

Christmas 2014- part two

Another year means another Lush Christmas!



As soon as last Christmas was over it began again for the Lush inventors who have been busying away behind the scenes like little elves creating new innovations and wonders for your skin and bath, as well as making some of your Christmas favourites even more special!

SOAPS Lush has been manufacturing luxury handmade soaps since the mid 1980s. In a deliberate move away from truly mass commercial soaps, Lush has perfected the technique of making solid soap by hand using the ‘pouring’ method. In 2007 Mo Constantine OBE helped invent a 100% palm oil free soap base –so not only are Lush soaps not made with any animal fats, they also help to save the rainforests.

NEW Yog Nog soap


Yog Nog is inspired by the famous Christmas drink, egg nog (vegan version!). We’ve added soya yogurt which gives a lovely creamy texture and is softening for the skin and the scent of Clove Bud Oil and Ylang Ylang Oil is topped off with a generous dusting of Nutmeg and Cocoa Powder.

AED 36  for 100g

NEW Reindeer Rock soap


Based on the Scandinavian ancient rock carvings, you will see reindeer galloping across your soap. Packed with dried Lingonberries, which helps to rejuvenate the skin and improve elasticity. Complete with our best-selling Comforter fragrance with Bergamot and Cypress Oil for an uplifting and calming experience, while the Raspberry Crush Sparkle Dust and Snowflake Lustre  will leave you with sparkling skin.

AED 36 for 100g

NEW Baked Alaska soap

A real Christmas treat with a hidden surprise inside! The Baked Alaska soap has unique shape, which appears as a snowball and inside you will find small snowballs smelling of fresh and uplifting Organic Lemon Myrtle, stress relieving Ylang Ylang Oil and Grapefruit, which is refreshing and toning for the skin.

AED 38 for 100g

Snowcake soap


A LUSH classic and bestseller, a slice of Snowcake smells just like the irresistible almond marzipan on the Christmas cake. Lather up with gorgeous Rose Absolute, that soothes dry, cracked winter skin and berry scented Cassie Absolute. Your skin will be left softened and beautifully scented.

AED 38 for 100g

BATH MELTS Lush invented solid bath oils in 1999 and named them, quite simply, Bath Melts. Molten almond oil and Fair Trade cocoa butter form the heart of this bath time treat and really moisturise, soothe, soften and plump up the skin, leaving it silky smooth. Immersing yourself in beautiful, emulsifying and wonderfully fragranced butters is like luxuriating in a bath of moisturiser.

NEW Snow Angel


This spectacular  new bath time addition offers the fizz of our bath bombs and smoothness of our bath melts. The golden layer slowly melts away leaving a sparkly trail of PET free Lustre giving you a golden glow, all while the Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter leaves your skin feeling moisturised. Complete with the fragrance of Rose Absolute to create a comforting smell to put you in the mood for Christmas

AED 42

Melting Snowman


Cocoa Butter and Almond Oil nourish and soften the skin while the Cinnamon Leaf Oil invigorates and helps shake off fatigue. This year he’s got a beautiful, comforting, spicy and warming hot toddy fragrance of Cinnamon Oil, Clove Leaf, Lime Oil and Sweet Orange Oil.

AED 25

Star Light Star Bright


Softening Cocoa and Shea Butter moisturise the skin while Extra Virgin Coconut Oil deeply hydrates. Refreshing Ginger and zesty Lime Oil inspire positivity and will give you an extra spark during dreary winter months. Crush this under running water and marvel as the star slowly melts, leaving a silvery PET free Lustre spread across the water in a magic trail of star light through turquoise coloured water.

AED 36

FUN A multi-purpose product for washing your hair and body with; for masses of fragrant bubbles in the bathtub; or for just having fun with by moulding it into different shapes… the fun just goes on and on! Invented by Mo Constantine OBE for her grandchildren.

NEW Snowman FUN


For those who were captivated by the Disney film Frozen – ‘Do you want to build a snowman?’- well now you can, complete with scarves and hats! The black coloured FUN is made from carbon black coal, to give your snowman real coal eyes! Scented with the Carrot Soap fragrance we had in our Easter range making you feel seasonal all round, the bar also contains Sicilian Lemon oil and Bergamot Oil giving your bath a fresh and invigorating feel.

AED 50

Gold FUN


Back again this Christmas is our FUN bar filled with a gold lustre and scented with the best-selling Honey I Washed The Kids fragrance.  Comforting Sweet Wild Orange Oil, uplifting Bergamot Oil and softening Cornflour make this bar of FUN the ideal fun-filled, feel-good gift. Forget the frankincense and myrrh, stock up on the Golden FUN!

AED 50

To pick up these brand new products, visit LUSH shops. For shop details and mail order please visit

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