Chloe Love Story Perfume <3 #ChloeLoveStory

 Chloe Love Story Open Packshot AED 495

 Chloe Love Story AED 495

A night in Paris. Sparkling lights and music. A crowd. and her. the night is hers

He sees her immediately. Eyes meet. He’s fascinated. Her femininity, her natural elegance. An allure touched by freedom and grace.

She is clemency poesy. Luminous under the lens of Melanie Laurent. Love story is a modern story of seduction. Her. and him. Their paths cross, a few mumbled words, a beautiful moment.

Essence of seduction

In the hollow of her neck, a charm. The freshness of enroll illuminates her, amongst others. He sees only her. The sensuality of orange blossom attracts him, powerfully. the stirring femininity of jasmine stephanotis, the flower of happiness, makes her more irresistible than ever. On her skin, cedar vibrates with flair. A floral love story, fresh and sexy. An unforgettable essence of seduction.

They are together, more alive than ever. The city is theirs. The night too. He takes her by the hand. The sound of her heels on the pavement. Their laughter echoing against the walls. Stolen fragments of their love story.

As a symbol of their affection, a padlock. Her fragrance. He tries to grab it but it is hers. A precious jewel crowned with cold metal, magnified by the iconic pleated glass. The casual femininity of a ribbon knotted nonchalantly on its side. It says it all about her. It signs the modern and refined Chloe attitude.

First light of day

A barge moored under the punt des arts. His place. As he opens the door, she disappears. Because above all she is free! She loves life, love… will she be back? Her fragrance floats in the air. The scent of a love story.

Love story is the expression of a free woman. The Chloe woman. Clare weight Keller, clemency poesy, Melanie Laurent, Inez van lamsweerde, Anne flip … each brought her vision to tell this new story. A declaration of femininity. A proclamation of freedom.

The perfume is  going to be on counter in December

Price: AED 495

Available in all major retailers like Sephora, Areej and Paris Gallery

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