Sephora Gift Ocean


In a GLAM FANTASY, a seductive mermaid lives in the deep waters of beauty. At Christmas time, she rises to the surface, her net full of treasures and gifts.

Starry palettes, gold bath products, pearlescent nail polish, scaled dresses, multicolour coral, sequin bags…a flood of fabulous gifts that never fail to dazzle.

Gifts, shine and shellfish…

This winter Sephora will be in Pisces rising, bedazzled with sequins: a scintillating escape on the 2014 horizon!

Musical notes swept away by waves reach us.

Our siren’s song resonates like an irresistible call… A call to a party.

A captivating and dazzling party that we never want to leave.

Sparkly bags, glittery makeup palettes, dazzling bath products, pearlescent nail polish reminiscent of shells; each product shimmers on the surface, deliciously tempting and wonderfully enchanting…


Oceanic and mysterious beauty is on the menu with a hint of salt and a net full of gifts.


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