Sephora Gift Ocean- ALL THAT GLITTERS


Silver or gold? Gold or silver? Why choose! Made in Sephora is making gold and silver hot for Christmas. Get ready: it is going to sparkle!


AED 72/ QAR 75/ KSA 77/ BAH 7.7/ KWT 6.25

It starts out strong, with a new “type” of Made in Sephora eyeshadow: a wickedly sparkly cream and powder hybrid, saturated with glitter. Definitely not for the shy. An explosive look for the eyes based on a flat colour jam packed with sparkles. The lid is covered with a glittering, light-reflecting film. Available in 2 Gold or Silver shades: “All that Glitters” & “Chance to Sparkle”



AED 69/ QAR 72/ KSA 74/ BAH 7.4/ KWT 5.5

A surprising product that spices up the eyes at Christmas time. A mascara and liner in one, it outlines the eyes with a dash of glitter and the tips of the lashes to catch the light. It’s time to shine!

Available in 2 Gold or Silver shades: “VIP Gold” & “Sassy Silver”



AED 39/ QAR 39/ KSA 39/ BAH 3.9/ KWT 3



AED 69/ QAR 70/ KSA 72/ BAH 7.2/ KWT 5.75

Still want more? No problem… with these two little pots full of shine, there is more than enough glitter to spare. Whether highlighting the neckline or brightening up the eyes, this product allows every woman to enshroud herself in a daring veil of glitter. To keep these precious speckles moving all night, it has its own bodyguard: the “Glitterguard” eye primer will not let you down!


AED 33/ QAR 36/ KSA 36/ BAH 3.6/ KWT 3

Whether decorating just the very tips of the nails as if we had just scratched gold or silver, a total glitter look or just on the crescent-shaped area at the base of the nails like nail jewelry; we love these loud gold and silver Nail Designer top coats! Two Gold & Silver Shades “Gold Fever” & “Silver Fever”



AED 45/ QAR 46/ KSA 48/ BAH 4.9/ KWT 3.5



AED 45/ QAR 45/ KSA 45/ BAH 4.5/ KWT 3.5

Now is the time to really get creative! Faux is in: false eyelashes for a look worthy of a lead dancer of the Moulin Rouge and a “star” tattoo for an edgy rock look.



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