Roberto Cavalli Paradiso perfume #rcparadisodubai

Roberto Cavalli Paradiso - model shot Roberto Cavalli Paradiso  packshot AED 465

Bathed in the golden hue of the Mediterranean light, she has found Paradiso, where pleasure never ends…


Roberto Cavalli Paradiso is a key to another world, an earthly paradise of thrilling sensations and voluptuous delights.

It tells of an impromptu excursion on the Mediterranean Sea, of a magnificent villa and its secret garden.

It speaks of the kiss of water and sunlight on one’s skin, of the evanescent smell of jasmine, of the enthralling flight of multi-coloured parrots in the azure sky…

Unashamedly hedonistic, Roberto Cavalli Paradiso is a celebration of the pleasures of existence.

With this fragrance, the famous Italian couturier brings everything to its climax.

In his hands, the Mediterranean dolce vita is transfigured and becomes a true Paradise on earth.

On Counter Date: March, 2015

Price List : AED465 100ML, AED375 50ML

Point of Sale : Wojooh, Sephora, Debenhams, Areej, Paris Gallery

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