New Liftactiv Supreme from Vichy

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New Liftactiv Supreme from Vichy

Take action against tomorrow’s signs of ageing, today.

  Did you know that when it comes to ageing, it’s not the years that matter, but each passing day? A single day can take its toll and leave its impact on a woman’s face. In five clinical trials where more than 1,800 women were surveyed, a single observation was made – all it takes is a day to amplify the signs of ageing. Women report that their skin looks more tired, with visible lines and wrinkles and deeper nasolabial folds at the end of the day. Vichy has named this phenomenon Over–Day Ageing, with its laboratories clinically and objectively measuring this and finding that one in two women feel they look older in the evening.

Over time, Over-Day Ageing signs progress, setting in for the long-term, with wrinkles becoming deeper and skin losing its youthful vitality. Now Vichy’s Liftactiv Supreme creates a whole new vision of anti-ageing; it is the first day care designed to correct and improve the daily signs of ageing before they become visible in one day, from morning to evening. It also gives a global lifting effect in the long-term for younger looking skin. Vichy’s ‘Day-Proof’ revolutionary technology boosts the skin’s resistance against daily pressures to better fight the settling in of ageing signs in the long-term, continuously correcting them at every moment they appear. That is the mission of Liftactiv Supreme’s technology, making it the number one anti-ageing skincare in the pharmacy.

 Its effective three-way technology consists of: 3D Optical Correction agents, Day Proof technology with Adenosine and Caffeine, as well as the association of Rhamnose 5% and Neohesperidin 2% to combat wrinkles and loss of firmness.  Instantly, the 3D Optical Correction technology transforms the skin’s surface, both visibly and to the touch. Blurring particles, mattifying powders and white micro-pearls combine in 3D sensoriality to deliver a complexion that’s immediately smoother and more luminous.  With Liftactiv Supreme you can now combat the signs of ageing everyday as they appear. Your youthful, ideal skin is no longer a dream, but a promise, backed by Vichy’s science and beauty.


Retail Price:Vichy Liftactiv Supreme: AED 195

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