Sephora Summer 2015 – Luscious Lips & Trendy Nails

Because we at Sephora love tending to important details, here are some new ways to make our make-up pop from our lips! Mouth-wateringly plump lips slick with extreme mirror shine… A sexy pout enhanced with an intense, precise line or personalized with surprising, unexpected effects (a must-see that will blow the mind!)…


We’re adopting the Sephora spirit with slick, glossy shine, mini lip pencils and ultra-trendy lip top coats!!

Lip Liner To Go

AED 29/ QAR 30/ KSA 32/ BAH 3.2/ KWT 2.5

A travel-friendly lip pencil available in 18 highly pigmented shades. Essential & unforgettable:

– Perfectly contours the lip line

– Can also be used to fill in lips with intense, slightly powdery color

– Features a mini format that lets us beautify our lips at any moment of the day!

The extra bonus: there’s one to match all Sephora Rouge lipstick shades!

Oil Infusion – Color & Care

AED 69/ QAR 69/ KSA 69/ BAH 6.9/ KWT 5

A tinted lip oil (a first at Sephora), available in seven translucent shades.

A deliciously addictive treat thanks to the following features:

– A Kendi oil-based formula infused with Shea butter to nourish the lips

– Its ability to leave lips soft and moisturized

– An innovative oil texture that gives lips a slick-wet effect

– Its seven fresh, translucent shades that instantly illuminate and enhance the lips

Cream Lip Stain

AED 65/ QAR 65/ KSA 65/ BAH 6.5/ KWT 4.75

A lip stain that provides beautiful, long-lasting color. This high-coverage lip product features avocado oil for a texture that transforms as you wear it: when applied, the initial cream texture becomes a silky, lightweight stain. Lips achieve stunning color and feel soft and comfortable. Available in an array of rich shades, including both matte and satin finishes, with intense color that stays put.

Ultra Shine Lip Gel

AED 65/ QAR 65/ KSA 65/ BAH 6.5/ KWT 4.75

The first Sephora lip gloss that creates a sleek, curved “water drop” look on lips for a high-shine, vibrantly colorful pout. Even better, it’s available in 18 irresistible shades!

A next generation Sephora lip gloss with:

– “Gel” effect water drop-like shine

– Light-reflecting micro-shimmer particles

– Addictive sensoriality with an ultra-smooth texture

– 18 luminous, mouth-watering colors


 Sephora Summer 2015 – Trendy Nails

Because we at Sephora love tending to important details, here are some new ways to make our make-up pop from our lips to our nails! Ready-to-wear nail colors and patches…

Just wait, there’s more: we’re also going bold with light-reflecting shine!  Colors are popping, creativity is all around, and femininity reigns! We’re inventing the beauty looks of tomorrow, ones that we create, imagine and boldly wear!


When iconic Color Hit nail polish is updated with a brand-new assortment of colors and the Nail Patches make a comeback, we can’t help but say “Hallelujah!”

Colour Hit

AED 25/ QAR 25/ KSA 25/ BAH 2.5/ KWT 2


Nail Designer Top Coat

AED 33/ QAR 36/ KSA 36/ BAH 3.6/ KWT 3

Warning: a colorful storm is brewing ahead! With 19 pink shades, 10 red shades, 10 nude shades, 13 gray shades, seven coral shades and 14 ultra-radiant pop shades, there’s something for every beauty! This is especially true since these 73 ultra-pigmented shades (including 43 new shades) are accompanied by eight top coat effects (with four new ones to choose from) to personalize any of the colors!

Nail Patch

AED 49/ QAR 52/ KSA 52/ BAH 5.2/ KWT 4

Because diamonds (and other jewelry) are clearly a girl’s best friend, we’re adorning our nails with these patches inspired by our favorite gems… The ideal mix: these precious blue adhesive nail patches to match our sapphire earrings, the multi-colored pattern that pairs perfectly with that Hawaiian bracelet, or the myriad of glitter nail patches that go beautifully with that sparkly brooch!


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