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Un-mask Yourself!


Because it’s hard to make our eyes look rested / toned / moisturized / soothed / smoothed / relaxed / evened out / wrinkle-free or glowing with beauty without a special adapted product, Sephora had the bright idea of developing a whole collection of fiber eye masks to target our specific problems.

To leave the eyes looking vibrant and fresh, nothing could be simpler! Just pick out a suitable mask (using the clever color chart), leave it on for 15 minutes, take it off (do not rinse) and check “look amazing” off your beauty list! Yellow tones, red energizes, dark orange smoothes, light pink relaxes, tender apricot nourishes and soothes, pearl pink brightens, fuchsia moisturizes and prairie green refreshes: time to un-mask our beauty! And, for all the other gel and cream masks, Sephora has developed an expert spatula that lets us apply these types of formulas with ease.

Fiber Eye Mask – Ginseng

AED 20/ QAR 20/ KSA 20/ BAH 2/ KWT 1.5


Perfectly adapted to the delicate skin around the eyes, these ginseng-infused patches tone and revitalize in no time at all!

Fiber Eye Mask – Pomegranate

AED 20/ QAR 20/ KSA 20/ BAH 2/ KWT 1.5

This mask is the Sephora solution for a late night / early morning. Leave it on for 15 minutes, then marvel its anti-fatigue and energizing effect. Here’s how to start a new day feeling beautiful and well!

Fiber Eye Mask – Lingzhi

AED 20/ QAR 20/ KSA 20/ BAH 2/ KWT 1.5

Thin and fragile, the delicate skin around the eyes is the first area to show the effects of time. These anti-aging patches pamper this fragile area and smooth out wrinkles.

Fiber Eye Mask – Lotus

AED 20/ QAR 20/ KSA 20/ BAH 2/ KWT 1.5

It’s time to kick back, relax and put our minds at ease. After applying this fiber mask, we can close our eyes and let the moisturizing and relaxing powers of lotus take over…

Fiber Eye Mask – Honey

AED 20/ QAR 20/ KSA 20/ BAH 2/ KWT 1.5

When we’re looking at droopy eyes instead doe-eyes in the mirror, it’s time to take out this nourishing and soothing Honey Eye Mask. Couldn’t be easier than that!

Fiber Eye Mask – Pearl

AED 20/ QAR 20/ KSA 20/ BAH 2/ KWT 1.5

Fiber eye masks that have been dermatologically tested, a formula that evens out and boosts radiance, and guaranteed effectiveness? Look no further!

Fiber Eye Mask – Rose

AED 20/ QAR 20/ KSA 20/ BAH 2/ KWT 1.5

Let’s face it: the need for a radiant, properly moisturized eye area can’t wait. In these dire moments, we can turn to these highly practical, travel-friendly fiber masks for the eye area.

Fiber Eye Mask – Green Tea

AED 20/ QAR 20/ KSA 20/ BAH 2/ KWT 1.5

Refresh and smooth out wrinkles: mission accomplished with this Green Tea Eye Mask! Nice work, Sephora!

Mask Application Spatula

AED 45/ QAR 45/ KSA 45/ BAH 4.5/ KWT 3.75

Because the application of masks and scrubs requires a very particular technique, as well as carefully selected tools, we’re all about this chic spatula inspired by professional spa methods. It makes the application of such products fast, precise, even and easy, allows for zero-waste dosage and easy cleaning (thanks to the silicone tip!), and even offers hygienic use!

Available in Sephora stores as of 15th June 2015


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